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Alkemi chemicals was established at 2001 to produce liquid textile chemicals on 2000 m2 area. The reason for the existence and business purpose of Alkemi is absolute satisfaction of its customes. It offers effective solutions with qualified managers and technical staff for needs and problems defined with correct data. 
It deliveries products and services completely and smoothly on time with sincere dialogues and realistic approaches as planned “after – sale” as well
Alkemi Chemical workers; They are conscious players who have the responsibility of being a team, compatible with the rapidly changing environment of the communication age maintaning quality development, looking ahead and using their skills in the most effective way
We know that we will do things that we can be proud of in order to achieve success worthy of our country’s name. We believe in the necessity of our partnership in this success and pride




Being aware of the changing needs of our customers in the field of chemical industry while meeting the incerasing demands, producing quality solutions, using our values effectively, paying attention to honest work, ensuring customer satisfaction and continuity that adds value to our customer’s lives.

In the chemical industry area, spread to Turkey and its neighbouring countries expanding our market share continuously and serve with strategy of being in front of all the expectations of customers with our understanding of continuous development and change with our employess we have added to product and services with values leader in the industry a company that is appreciated and become a global brand to take firm steps forward.

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