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Quality Policy


/ Quality policy


In order to increase the satisfaction of our customers and reach the Targeted Quality;


  • To create a System that all employees actively participate and share in a balanced way,

  • Integrating our process with its high technological development,

  • To ensure the development of our employees with a continuous and conscious training program needed by encouraging them to be successful individuals with a sense of ownership, the idea of ​​continuous improvement in their activities, ready to take responsibility, and who love their job,

  • To reach flawless service, superior quality, affordable cost and high efficiency in all stages of its activity,

  • As an organization that aims to improve itself continuously with the principle of Customer Satisfaction, to meet customer needs in the chemical sector on time and as desired

  • To examine the complaints received from our customers with a traceable structure and to follow up the complaint effectively and efficiently until a solution is provided.

  • Not content with preserving our current situation, but with all these goals and policies, it has adopted continuous improvement at every point by complying with all the requirements of the Quality Management System as a goal of being a Quality leader in its sector.


You can find the texts about KVKK (Personal Data Protection Law) about our company below.

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